This Sunday 19th it’s the first round of the NZ MTB Cup XC. Wellington Mt Vic. First Pro Elite race in 10 years. Afraid of the unknown. You can look at power numbers and times on Strava and see how you compare to the top guys, but reality of sprinting up the climbs at 400+ watts bumping shoulders and elbows is different.

Couple of years ago when I started racing again in Master 1 I had the same feeling like “can I do it?” I think it’s natural now and like doing a job interview or something but it still doesn’t take away the feeling. Photo is my first race in the comeback. Cyclocross race in Upper Hutt in 2011 on my Pace RC200F8 MTB with mud tyres. I finished midpack in the middle grade. In  white Francais De Joux kit and a Camelback. This is Not CX couture.



Here’s the Strava stats from my race simulation effort at MT Vic Course last weekend. 6 laps.

Will be interesting to compare to the real race to see the wattage difference. I was doing an average of about 320 watts up the main climbs in practice (started at about 370 and dropped each lap from fatique which is normal)

I’ll post the race data after the race. Will be interesting to see difference between perceived race effort and reality. I predict the race will give me an extra 5% or so.

Kids will be there in hula skirts supporters t shirts and pom poms. Their cheers give me an extra 50 watt – 10 second boost.



Dont be afraid


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