NZ MTB Cup 1 Mt Victoria Wellington

Home course. First Elite XC race in over 10 years. What happens when you put a 36 year old geezer into a cesspit of young extremely fast talent? Well, it’s interesting. First analysis of the data is that I outputedededed… about 5% better watts on the climbs than in training. Yay. Also I hauled my arse up the climbs within a few seconds of the top 3 in last years race – Yay. Unfortunately for me, this got me mostly nowhere this year – Boo… First lap – put out 401 watts for around 3:35 on the first main climb. That got me midpack. BTW I’m 1.85m and 76kg. Not a tiny little whippet. After that, I lost around 8 – 10 percent power on each of 6 laps for main climbs which puts me near the back of the field. The actual results haven’t been published yet but it wont be pretty. Learnings: i based my training targets on last years strava data for the big dogs like dirk peters. This year the pace was way faster so unfortunately it didn’t cut it… Here’s the freshly uploaded Strava file of my ride today… In a nutshell: As good as I wanted it to be but not good enough. More to come…


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