Race Review NZ Cup Mount Victoria

Well, I’ll try to break it down in words here, in the same way I mentally analyse races afterwards to try to improve.

Result was that I finished 13th of 15 finishers in the whole field, although, helpfully, 9 of those were U23 riders, so that makes it 4th place for Pro Elite Men. Sam Gaze took out the win with a great ride, and overall time of 1.28.57. I did it in1.44.58 Thats 16.01 down.

So yeah, OK but not amazing. As usual though, it’s how you get up and react that’s important. So here’s some thoughts.

START; About 5% faster then any of the age group races I’ve done in the last few years, and in the first minute I sat midpack. We all strung out single file around the velodrome, and I was able to make up about 3 or 4 places by hitting the gas around the outside line. That was good. In the middle of the first climb I lost the places again, despite hitting a high of 175bpm, and averaging a very good 401w/ 5.3w/kg – (Last year 3.7w/kg) – ending midpack to the top of the course. 12025009923_d686cc6f55

Crashed and took off some elbow skin midway down first descent. Lost 3 more places. A crash or a lost chain is a massive blow in the first lap and the data indicates I lost 15 – 20 seconds here but also some confidence. As usual, things settled down in subsequent laps. I took back a couple of places and had a reasonable smooth race. Screeching brakes messed up descending (vibration and offputting). Compared to training times, this problem didn’t make much difference though it was just annoying. Learning: Squeeze lever when resetting caliper alignment.

Climbs: Fact: Power dropped off 27% and heart rate 23% between first and last laps. Learning: Need to do some research on how to fix that. I don’t know if its a base fitness issue or a power/ muscular issue or a speed/ threshold/ vo2 type issue. When I figure it out Ill post it here and adjust my training to test and fix it.

Descents: Fact: Slower than fastest 2 or 3 riders by about 10%. That adds up to 4 – 5 minutes for the race in the descents alone.Learning: Scout better, smoother lines. Fix brakes.

Next race is this weekend, Wgtn Interclub road race in Masterton 80km. There is a good climb 4km from the finish that might be good for me… we shall see…steve


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