Fitlab Testing

On Saturday I was tested by Fitlab. It’s a business started by old cycling friend Andrew Jamieson. Super nice guy. Here’s how it works. he measures all your body stuff. Height (Tall) Weight (Fat) Leg, Arm, Torso weights. Body fat % (Me about 10%) and other stuff. Then he attaches a PowerTap to your bike for accurate wattage output measurement. You ride up the hill at say 180 watts average, measure heart rate, and blood lactate at the top, and then ride back again, each time at another 40 watts. I started at 180 (almost painfully slow) and my last run was attempting to do 460 watts for the whole run, but I only hit 455. I got a 10 for blood lactate which I gather is millimols per litre. He tells me it’s kind of a measure of the lactate in your blood, and he did 18 once. Owww. I was poked at 10 with my heart rate maxed out. You can see with this kind of data you can accurately measure stuff like vo2 max, lactate threshold and HR zones. I’ll get that in a couple of days. Here’s the strava file with what I did. Good times. steve     


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