Masterton Interclub 1 Handicap Road Race

Signed up for Scratch group first time in a long time. 80km. Averaged over 40km/h. First 20 mins super hard but it mellowed out and the pace came off a bit. Learning: Hang in there it will mellow.

Usual paceline action, a few guys falling off on the hard bits. I think we caught all the groups. In the last 5 kms 2 guys from a local semi-team (Meo GP) attacked off the front and the other guys in their ‘team’ tried to slow the pace. Fair enough. I tried to muster some of the stronger guys I knew to do some hard turns with me, but it was too late and they were too far gone. Last 1km over a wee hill then downhill into flat straight long sprint. Hit the watts up the climb, dropped most of the rest then I and chose the guy who I thought looked strongest and keenest to try to get a tow to the line. Worked out OK, he wound up the pace and I came off his wheel with about 75 metres to go at 60km/h but another guy came around me to get 3rd by a length. Good for him. Learning: If it’s not too far to go and you are strong, try to ditch the other guys and sprint from a way out. Nelson NZ Cup 2 this weekend. steve


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