Testing Results

Well I started this thing with the intention of being honest so here’s some real data like I said I would.

Cyclists these days are notorious for analysing their stats so I thought it would be cool to just lay this out here for anyone who feels the desire to compare, and see the results that this kind of performance gets in the real world, racing in NZ. Anyway, fitness is only half of the equation in MTB because of  the descents (which I notoriously suck at)

As I mentioned in the last post I did this testing with Andrew from Fitlab on the weekend. The Strava link is under that post. The power data on the Strava there is real (not a Strava one) – I synced my Garmin to the PowerTap wheel we used.  I’m planning to redo it every 12 months or so to review the training plans success.

So here it is: honest figures: I’ll just list the juiciest bits and in brackets I’ll say where that is on the table that Fitlab supplied. FWIW I personally think some of the descriptions are a bit, er, optimistic – ie ‘professional level’ but it sounds good damn it.

Vo2 Max: 69.166 ml/kg/min (Bottom end of ‘Exceptional’) 5.430 L/min 

Lactate Threshold: 141 bpm/ 303 watts/ 70.4% of v02 max

Anaerobic Threshold (Onset Blood Lactate Accumulation): 156bpm/ 365 watts/ 82.7% v02max (Professional)

Threshold Power/ Weight: 4.648 watts/ kg (Professional)

Peak Aerobic Power: 454 Watts/ 5.783 watts/ kg (Professional)

Looking at the numbers, and my physiology, I think they confirm something I’ve often wondered – that is, I might be better off in a discipline that rewards relatively high steady state power like time trialling, rather than MTB where you need great skill and high, punchy bursts. I’m going to see about at TT bike from a mate and do some testing on it. Gerard can I borrow your bike please?



4 thoughts on “Testing Results

  1. Hey mate, cool to see you doing some analysis – and impressive stats! Need to get you power on your bike bro, is single best investment you can make…

    1. Thanks mate! Yep I reckon the Garmin Vectors might be the way to go, based on the reviews and the blog from DC Rainmaker. He does a really in depth review of most of the well known systems I think you know the one. Garmin are bringing out a MTB system too soon. Strava power is only really very accurate for some conditions where the variables are minimised like some consistent long climbs but pretty good for the money (ie free!) But yeah for serious analysis I think some proper gear is needed.

      1. Have a few mates with Vectors – they are good but be aware a) the importance of super accurate torquing each time you use (i.e. they are not as easy to swap between bikes as you would think – torque wrench critical) and b) pre-ride calibration is a bit of a faff, backpedalling and so on. I have done a lot o a-b comparisons with Strava vs PowerTap and for even a slight breeze it is a long way off.

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