Fastest Ever Karapoti!!

Well, not for me, but for most people anyway…With the power of youth I did 2.30 back in 2000 and 2001, and that got me a 3rd and 2nd place respectively. This year, in spite of a crazy fast course, I did 2.31. Oh well next year…

On the plus side, I got 8th place in Elite Men and most importantly got to take my daughter up on the podium with me which was lovely. It made me feel a bit old though – surrounded by 19 – 24 year olds and I don’t think they have kids. I was kind of like the old man standing there. Meh, I still liked the feeling of having my kid there with me. That’s me in the green shirt on the left. Thanks Steve Lawson for the photo. Next to me in the Wheelworks kit is Gavin Mccarthy. Gav and I go way back to 90’s MTB race days of King of The Forest and this year, 35 and 36 years old, we had another great old time. Hard to know where the competition and comradeship starts and ends, as most of the way we were shouting encouragement at each other and laughing about this and that. I had him nailed on the last climb up Dopers and the bugger came back and passed me near the bottom going down. He lit the burners on the bit before the gorge and I couldn’t get him so he beat me by 20sec. That’s a carbon copy of what happened in 2001 when I almost won this race. Except that time it was Tim Vincent…Whatever, Gav totally deserved it – great ride. I will slaughter you next year though, just saying buddy… : ) : )


My 8th Karapoti – all sub 3 hours which is cool.

Here’s the Strava. It didn’t record the Karapoti as a section though!! Grrrr! I would had the KOM for 5 minutes!!!

Start was great. Drafted up to the entrance to the gorge and lit the burners to get into top 7 or so. Climbs much much better than last year. Did Dopers 2 minutes faster this year, representing around 40 or 50 more watts. The 29er handles the Rock Garden so much better I was a minute or so faster there, and a couple of minutes faster on the first big climb so great gains there. Still need to work on descents but getting better.

Learnings? Well, not too much really. I just need to lose weight, gain power and improve descending skills – all the usual MTB stuff to work on.


1; The PNP MTB Committee is planning bigger and better events for 2014 off the back of some big success last year. There is going to be 5 Spring Series Races and a night series in April. Some new stuff happening though, and it will be even better than last year if that’s possible.

2; Finally bought a PowerTap. This will give me accurate training power data, and I’ll post interesting findings and ideas here.



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