First ever TT with power, MTB race No. 1 and Fitlab Results Back

Well my child’s disgusting nappy saved you all from a long read.

You see, I had a draft that was quite long and involved all ready to go, when I noticed a smell, came running to find all sorts of horror occurring from said childs attempt to clean it up herself…that’s quite distracting…came back to the computer and draft is gone. No idea what happened. Suspect child 2 started playing Barbie games with it and exited the screen before it saved…yada yada…That means I’m gonna get straight to the good bits this time around.

1. Wgtn Masters Club TT

Now, I wanted to put out around 380 – 390 watts but only averaged 325. I talked to some people and I think 2 things are going on. 1. I’m not used to the position. and 2. The position is actually affecting the power. My mate put it this way: The angle of your femur to your torso is much more acute in the TT position. Therefore your leg muscles have less leverage because of the angle. Now, that seems like a reasonable explanation. The other thing is the positions uncomfortable so I’m going to experiment a little, but it sounds like a 10% power reduction or so might just be the price you pay for the aero, and the idea is the aero is worth more velocity than those watts.

Dolly TT Rig below. Sorry about the saddle angle. Fixed Now. The latest in my quiver of Chinese Open Mould designs, it’s a Hongfu FM086. Super pleased with it.


2. iRIDE/ Specialized PNP Spring MTB Series 1. (Makara Peak)

Learned that making a course is actually much more involved than I thought. I won. Went away in first lap with Simon Lawson and Eden Cruise, who I think are 2 very good young riders. Heart rate maxing up the first 6 and a half min climb I hit 174 which is right on the rivet for me. On the first big climb up Snakecharmer Simon was suffering – I think he has had some bronchial issues – he was dropped pretty bad and then I and made up about 30sec to bridge to Eden. We stayed together till half way through the last lap. I turned the dial up at about the 1.05 mark and when I gapped him did the old thing where you get out of sight quick. It did the trick and from there I was on my own.

Photo is at the top of Aratihi. I’m sticking my leg out MX style. Style Fail.



So, if you’ve read previous posts you know I’ve started working with Andrew Jamieson from Fitlab. It’s been about 6 months since my last lactate testing and so its a good chance to see if the training has worked. The answer is – hell yes.

Lets just do the comparison between the 2. First testing was done 25 Jan 2014. I’ve had a chance to do one full buildup cycle in the time since then, and I’ve stuck to the programme 95%. I’ll just talk about the important numbers.

V02 Max ml/kg/min Then: 69.166 – Now: 76.876 (11% improvement)

Aerobic Threshold (Lactate 2mmol): Then: 303 Watts – Now: 340 watts (12% improvement)

OBLA/ Anaerobic threshold (Lactate 4mmol): Then: 365 Watts – Now: 397 watts (9% improvement) Now at 5+ watts/ Kg

Now, that, my friends, is an improvement. Basically. I’ve been able to break the old plateaus of fitness, and get somewhere new, and it’s all from implementing scientific training, and using a power meter to accurately gauge it.

It basically equates to around 30 – 40 seconds or so in the long climb on the weekends race that was about 125 vertical metres over 1.2km. Now, extrapolating the average lap of an XCO race contains about twice that, that’s going to mean around 1min per lap. In a 6 lap race 6 minutes is pretty huge. In the National Cup race at Mt Vic this year, 6 mins covered the first 5 places, and would have boosted my personal place from 13th to 7th or 8th. Now, it’s never actually that simple of course, but I like to extrapolate this kind of stuff to the real world to try to get a rough idea of what it means. I think that’s pretty useful.

I’m super happy with it and I have another full Fitlab cycle in the programme before the Summer MTB Cup series in 2015 so I’m hoping to make similar gains again on top of this again.

Look at it this way: The Fitlab programme and testing cost $200 and retesting on its own is only $90. There is absolutely no bike upgrade that would come anywhere near that bang for your buck in terms of speed gains.  Seriously, it’s one of those “wish I’d done that a long time ago” things.

OK that’s all I can fit in. Kate wants me to change her Barbie DVD.



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