Magazine Photoshoot

In what is evidently a massive win for persistence over talent, I have found myself nearly at the top of the NZ XC MTB rankings on the NZ MTB Crown website.

The delightful people at NZ’s no.1  MTB magazine – which will become clear later – asked to do an interview about that which should be in the Feb-March ’16 edition. Turned out the interviewer was an old cycling mate Jim Robinson who ditched Wellingtons delightful climate and shifted to tropical Tauranga a few years ago. So it was good to have a bit of a chinwag about bikes and a catchup. Aaanyways they needed a photo to go with it, and, in a Mathers-esque grasp at fame and self promotion, I asked around for a photographer to come and click away at my awkward pedalage in Fitlab attire.

Good old Shane Wetzell stepped up, and we duly had a pleasant evening cruise and click around Makara Peak. Shane is an all round good bastard, and has for years turned up at our club races to take photos, which we put on our website for the benefit of our members. He asks nothing more than     a donation to the Mary Potter Hospice for using his pics in exchange for a lot of time and effort on his part. So chapeau that man.

Here’s a couple of shots he took. I think they look great. I don’t know if they’ll get published or not but I certainly hope so. steve

blog 1

blog 2



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