NZ Cup Series, Karapoti Disaster and NZ Champs 2016

Well that was a mixed bag. I learnt something…Having a cold screws with your performance. Read my blog below to get granular but essentially its bad news for your performance. In the short term it affects your power but as I found out at Karapoti, a cold can also evidently cause you to blow up or ‘bonk’ completely. I was in they top 7 or so at ‘Poti and actually feeling OK, if down on power, when the lights just went out utterly on Dopers the last climb. I crept, pushing the bike, with my vision going in and out. One minor consolation, was watching one of my up and coming riders I coach, Ryan Corke, ride away from me like a boss. He went on to get 8th overall which was honestly so good to see. Another of my riders, Nicola Mitchell, podiumed in the Women’s Pro Elite also getting 8th and it was a big consolation on my cruddy day to see these riders go so well. They were proof that hard work really pays off : )

All photos by BarkingCat except Karapoti thats Marathon Photos. I bought that one.

I was soooo broken. This is my ‘bonkface’ below. 



On the other side of the ledger I had wrapped up the NZ Cup series the weekend before in tropical Dunedin. In the 4 races I got:

3rd (Rotorua)


2nd (Cambridge/ Te Miro)


1st (Wanaka)


1st (Dunedin)


Wining the Cup Series was a major goal for the season and judging by the results I think I managed my form pretty good. I’m always slightly paranoid about doing well, because I always want to ‘prove myself’ to my clients that I coach. I feel like I need to kind of embody a successful approach to training, and if I stuff up I feel like it reflects on Fitlab. Just saying…

I had to bribe Hannah to pose. She doesn’t really get that impressed by Dad’s cycling. Little bugger…


NZ Champs Wanaka/ Cardrona

An absolutely cruddy day to race a bike up a mountain. I won however, so can be NZ Champ for another year. On training matters, a mate Sarnim Dean, was winning M2 by a country mile (also way in front of me at the time) when he punctured his tyre on one of the many sharp rocks at Cardrona and pulled out. He was looking bloody fast and lean so I know he’s been training really well. Bad luck buddy.

I know raising your arms is kind of a dick move but I got excited…Jesus Christ I worked hard enough for this gimme some slack…

I’ve also been doing road races every weekend when I’m not on the MTB. Lots of local club stuff in Scratch and A grade and feeling like I’m going OK. Mostly 2nd, 3rd – 5th places stuff like that…This last year I’ve learnt that you need to work on the muscle mass in your glutes and hams especially for power on the flat, and thats something I got from the Hour Record. Oh yeah one more thing, a guy called Jim McMurray took the NZ Hour Record on the weekend. The guys an absolute train but he’s 50 something years old. Bloody legend. Good for him. So, you heard it here first, I’m comin’ back for Hour Record Round 2. It’s gonna be on like Donkey Kong in August, I know of at least one other guy giving it a hack this year too. Shit’s gonna get serious…


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