Lactate Testing. What does the data say about seasonality?

So I collected together all the data from the last 7 Tests, done in generally the same conditions, over the last 30 months. I was wondering if I could graph the way fitness changes in response to training. Heres the answer – yes.

Heres the picture to prove it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 1.36.49 pm


So, the wavy lines represents different lactate values vs Power on the Y axis and date on the X axis.

The effect is more pronounced in the higher intensities (top 2 lines). See how my L5 and L6  are at a higher power around Jan – Mar (Mid season MTB) than they are in Jun – Aug, with a similar pattern both years. Its the same for L4 (Threshold Power)

If we just take L4 Threshold Power, the variation there between lows and highs is about 11%

So does training work? Err, yes evidently it does.



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