New Bike Day and Early Season Racing Starts

OK, this is my first non-chiner in a while. Actually its the first bike I’ve bought from a bike shop outright in a while, and the units at Capital Cycles made it happen for me so thank you so much. I plan to do some tests to see if fancy bikes like this are in any way really better than the chinese cheapies I usually get. I’ll post it here when I do and I’ll be honest. Its a 2017 Cannondale Supersix Evo. I got Dura Ace cable because I’m scared of, and cant afford Di2. I went for a Cannondale because it seems like they have the most tried and true frame sets. I have put on Zipp 404’s. Without a deep customising job with bolts and lightweight gear it’s 16.5lbs/ 7.5Kg as pictured with 2 cages etc, which is about 500grams lighter than the chinese jobbie which I guess is mostly frame and fork. Probably quite big difference in the seat post too.

Don’t you love how they do the custom name thingy for you on the cable crimp? Capitals you rule.


Race 1 of the season was one of the Capital Cycles Criterium Series. I stayed in the selection in A Grade but was kind of pack fill. Hey, I’m a TTer now right?

Second race of the early season build up to North Island Teams Series was last week. It was the Handcap Balfour Pennington Series Race 1 at Upper Hutt. Heres the Relive.CC Thingy

It was mental. 44kmh + average speed.

BP 2 this weekend at Wainui. I hate that course. Good training for NIS.

Tax is theft. Don’t hit your kids.

That is all.


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