Watch Me Whip, Neigh Neigh and Bike Race and review The Flat Earth Theory

Under the influence of several gins, I actually went and learned how to both Whip and Neigh Neigh lately. Things get freaky after 5 at my house.

In unrelated news, I’m excited about managing and riding in Team Fitlab, at the North Island Cycling Series this year. Its pretty cool to organise a team and head out racing with a bunch of likeminded dudes on a weekend. Quite enjoy the swearing, hideously sexist jokes and general dude stuff that happens during Fight Club.

Theres a good theory I like by Stefan Molyneux that in these days of liberal leftie indoctrination, that guys need an outlet – a ‘safe space’ if you will – away from the pearl clutching, fainting and hysteria that characterises most social interaction these days. At Fight Club you can swear. You can make plans and have defined actions. You can operate in a team with like minded sickos, and there are defined winners and losers. No Tarquin, its not “everyone gets a medal for participation”. In fact, most of us ride our guts out, sweat, try and fail and we f*cking love it.

Evidently, I am a ‘rider to watch’ at the NIS in M1. Yeah I know its mainly the novelty of seeing if a TT guy can do road racing still, but hey, as one crack whore said to the other “I’ll take anything for a fix”

Who to watch at Trust House 2016

Some other racing lately…

Photos by Andrew Fuller

Balfour Pennington 1; Upper Hutt err maybe 6th or something

BP 2 Wainui; 2nd

BP 3; Upper Hutt Wallaceville Circuit 4th

NIS 1 TTT 3rd

NIS 1 Road Race 9th


Oh one more thing. If you want something fun and interesting to listen to on your next ride I quite enjoyed this. Stefan Molyneux discussing the Flat Earth Theory with a chap on his show. Fascinating stuff on so many levels. Enjoy!


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