New Race Bike. Cannondale Supersix Evo

Thought you might like some thoughts now that I’ve had 4 races on the new steed. Its basically the same as this except its not the Hi Mod version. Also, I went for Ultegra rear derailler and cluster because I wanted to have a 32T sprocket because evidently Im a total pussy.

It looks like this:


It looks like this when I’m putting through some watts. Actually not that many but you know what I mean. I actually lost the sprint to Dave Weaver. Blame the engine not the bike…



Lets do this bullet point style.

  • It feels really responsive. Like, when you pedal all the power seems to go into pushing you forward. Now, I don’t really know if thats just because its a new carbon frame and its née and tight still, or if its because its awesome. Maybe both. I have no data to support any hypothesis. I do however really like that feeling.
  • Its pretty light. 7.3KG/ 16LBS as pictured. If you were wanting to go full Dura Ace, with Zipp 202’s or something she’d be UCI illegal.
  • It seems best at high speeds. No science again. Just the sensation that above 40KPH its just so effortless. Im guessing thats the 404’s more than anything but wow its noticeable.  Last race I hit the gas to bridge a little gap to the front guy and over 50KPH it was just ridiculous.
  • Its comfortable. I have no idea if it fits me particularly well or what it is but the position and bar curve is perfect. I can sit there in the drops pretty comfy for hours.
  • Paul at Capital Cycles took the time to put me on the setup thingy and check my position and I personally find he does a great job. Thanks Capitals, its a cool bike, it goes fast and I’m totally happy with it.

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