Wellington Spring Racing. Figuring out the Cycling Analytics Form Chart.

Pretty cool to see some of my riders doing so well at Round 1 PNP Spring Series yesterday. Weird how as you get older you get more and more excited by the accomplishments of people you care about, and less your own. Its a good feeling.

Dylan Reid aboard his new custom FM056 we built together in the garage last weekend wins U17 and Ryan Corke 2nd Open Men. That’s ahead of 3rd place Callum Kennedy – a complete missile who I was marking last week at NIS 1. Both these young dudes are complete savages and I’m totally stoked for them and proud to coach them. Thaanks for a great event. Photos Robert Comesky.


Ryan Corke




Dylan Reid



I was Fastest Time at the Wellington Masters Cycling Club Handicap Road Race aboard Foxy BJ. Thanks Capital Cycles you were right – she is fast. Absolute ‘No Chain’ day.


Next Photo by Orca Whale. I’m 3rd wheel with bottle in my teeth lol. Form chart algorithm on Cycling Analytics seems pretty right!

14494685_948062872007156_6299671856829403381_n.jpgHeres my form chart in Cycling Analytics. Shit, there a lot of algorithm driven graph action in there. Its taken me some science mixed with some experience and trial and error, and I have a really good protocol for getting some form going now. In the last 3 races Ive done, I’ve felt like I had that magic legs feeling, thats despite having confirmed campylobacter last week (!)


See how the gray line far right is coming up? Thats the stress balance and I kind of think of that as a good proxy for form, and its pretty good. I always research through all this for the riders I coach and I love getting them on top of good form for important events. Didnt you always want to know how to predict those ‘magic legs’ days? Well, Im getting pretty good at it now its not perfect but Im getting better and better.


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