Winning! And Learning! How To Train Between Races.

Hurrah. Won a race. You know – a proper one not like fastest time in a Handicap race or something like that. A fair and square Graded Race winny win win.

Stuff I’ve learnt lately that helped…


Well, its only taken me about 25 years but I’m really happy with my protocol now. I also have several guinea pigs (coached riders) to test out my wild theories on. It really works for them too. RECOVER – AEROBIC ENDURANCE + SPRINT DRILLS – “DAY BEFORE” PROTOCOL – WARM UP. God, it works so well.

If theres a golden rule its “Recover Enough From The Race To Absorb All Of The Training Impulse” Easily remembered with the acronym REFTRTAAOTTI.

If I’m racing from weekend to weekend heres how it looks generally:

Mon/ Tues: Active Recovery

Wed: Aerobic + Sprint Drills 90 – 120 Min

Thurs: Active Recovery

Fri: Aerobic + Sprint Drills 90 – 120 Min

Sat: Day Before Protocol (Special Sauce)

Sun: Warmup and Race

You’ve gotta remember that a 90-120 Min Road race will have a massive proportion of work above OBLA and thats a huge athletic impulse. You can either absorb all of it and use it for your own power or overdo it and drill yourself into a hopeless sucky cavern of sucky suckness.

Do the former.

Heres the race in Strava.

Heres what I do on an active recovery ride. usually turbo trainer, on the Monday and Tuesday.


Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 1.54.10 pm.png


Heres what the Aerobic Rides with Microbursts look like


Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 1.52.56 pm.png

I’m not going to show you my special sauce ride because its secret.



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