North Island Team Series 4; Admiral Hill

So that was a great day of teamwork yesterday at North Island Series 4 Admirals Hill. Team worked perfectly. Scott ‘Motorbike’ Mcdonnell shattered the bunch up Te Wharau, dropping half, and Jason McCarty attacking up the road along the way forcing other teams to chase. I sat in a little bit, aiming to justify the teams belief in me up the final climb Admirals to take some series points. It was turning into a bit of a Roadworks vs Fitlab smack down. Things started getting frisky near the bottom ramps and my legs suddenly cramped. Panicking, I loudly claimed to have seen a DUCK! Jase handed me a bottle and I smashed what was left back and for some reason my legs seemed better. I figured “oh well, now or never – if you’ve got it, better prove it” and furiously drooling, clawed myself back to the steadily deperting Scotty, Callum Kennedy, and John Randal. Jase shouted to me to go get them and believe me mate that really helped. I didn’t want to let you down Jase. A mix of fury and terror led me to attack on the first flat section and I was able to gap John with Callum on my wheel for the remainder of the climb. I attacked him half a dozen times, and couldn’t shake him. Track sprint for the line and he snaffled me by 2 inches. Chapeau well played Callum. Scotty took 3rd points off John, and John came in for a solid 4th. he can climb really well when he has to and he kept the jersey. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bastard. Good for him. Jase Mccarty took a super 6th after saving my arse with his bottle and Tim Mackeyalso finished with a fine 16th after working really well. What a cool team to be part of. Thank you guys. Sorry I couldn’t get the win but I tried. We still got some good series points though. Its on for the Final Round 5! Cant wait!

Proud of some of my coached riders in M2 doing the job too. Steve Orchard, Stephen “R2” O’KeefeJohn Carran and Mike O’Neil who all did great yesterday. It is really motivating for me to see you ride so well and enjoy yourselves. Thank you!

Also thanks To Jasons wife for handing out bottles and Lauren Hill our driver for the day who came all the way from the Caiman Islands for this. That’s commitment! Thanks!!IMG_4689.JPG14962787_10209808180693902_1162095375335662917_n.jpg15016258_632330060272567_5845723080994104096_o.jpg

Thanks you for the great photos Di Chesmar.


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