My Supporters

I’m proud to represent these supporters of cycling. They have helped me make my dreams come true.


Fitlab sticker

My job is a Cycling Tester and Coach with Fitlab. I work with an old friend Andrew Jamieson, who has developed what I seriously reckon is the best testing and coaching system available. In 2014, I felt like my athletic ability kind of reached a plateau. My old methods just weren’t really getting me anywhere new. Then I started with Fitlab, and I reached a new level and I’m still going. I never would have dreamed of becoming National and Oceania Masters MountainBike Champion or NZ Hour Record holder but here I am. I’m the proof it works! I love my job and I love meeting people. If you want a test and a personalised coaching program let me know – I’d love to meet you!

Tailwind Nutrition 


I spent years buying sports drinks and I wasn’t really sure they did much. Eventually I just decided to just buy a bunch of glucose powder and Raro from the supermarket, mix it together and use that. Then I was introduced to Tailwind and I ‘aint going back. Tailwind is completely different. It has a very different ingredient mix it almost tastes a little bit salty and you can drink it all day. It has 200 calories per bottle and thats the max you can absorb in 1 hour. My favourite is RaspBerry Blast. See my blog for a review.


Mark Drew from Tailwind on site supporting our local MTB series, at Makara Peak MTB Park

Capital Cycles


I never used to go in to Capital Cycles because I thought that basically it was too nice for me. I’m not joking…They are that bike shop that has all the newest fanciest flashiest bikes and gear. Their window looks like an explosion in a cyclists dream factory. Well that all changed when I went in and they honestly have the nicest team working there. Paul Davies is the manager and old friend of mine. I worked for him ages ago at a different bike shop called Pin’s Cycles and still a top man.



Biomaxa makes grease, chain lube and chamois cream, made in NZ. I only started riding with chamois cream recently and I am NEVER going back. I use it every ride and it stops saddle sores and chafing. You have got to try it. The chain lube is made with lanolin. It gets right inside the rollers and doesn’t come out. If you want an amazing lube for Karapoti this is it.

PNP Cycling Club


My club for about 20 years now. PNP have generously supported many racing campaigns including National MTB Cup, National MTB Champs and Oceanias. I am the Convenor of PNP MTB and I feel proud to be involved in a club that gives so much back to its members and contributes so much to cycling in Wellington, and NZ.


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